Financial Review – 15 July 2018

Hamersley’s Indian Pacific riding market momentum.

Monday fundie.

The sweat of a shearing shed was a good start.

As momentum rips through the Australian sharemarket, one manager is seeing opportunities.

Preston Hamersley’s Indian Pacific Funds Management is backing the virtue of patience as value gets left behind in the 2018 melt-up. ‘‘You hear quite a lot now of ten-baggers, one hundred baggers, the bell’s ringing I think we all know,’’ the long-short manager says.

Hamersley has set up Indian Pacific in Perth, where he has returned to raise his family after a long stint in Sydney at Airlie Funds Management and, before  that, JBWere. Having no cash limit and being able to invest widely within his strict parameters, he articulates the advantages of being small…


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